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What are some expert tips and best practices?
What are some expert tips and best practices?

A few tips to help you get the most out of Baresquare!

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Check the list below for tips and tricks to help in reaching your full potential when using Baresuare:

  • Invite your teammates to join Baresquare and start collaborating

  • Start the day by reviewing new tickets (on Baresquare, Slack or e-mail inbox).

  • Assign tickets to appropriate stakeholders for clear ownership. Once a logic is defined, set default assignees.

  • Define priority by letting your team know when an action is required and define its urgency.

  • Add label tags to group together relevant issues (eg. "Budget boost", "Tagging issue", "Bot traffic", etc.). This will help you filter these cases in the future.

  • Resolve tickets that do not require further action for easier filtering of open issues. Do not forget to add a resolution comment. This helps our machine learning algorithm get smarter over time to improve predictions and recommendations.

  • Build a Knowledge base:

    • Collaborate on Baresquare for better storage of context.

    • Add comments to describe incidents and root causes for future reference (incl. new team members' onboarding).

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