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Gain clearer insights with our updated time series graphs
Gain clearer insights with our updated time series graphs

Our enhanced view of the time series graph can now provide clearer insights into reported anomalies.

Updated over a week ago

Sep, 2023

Anomaly detection is central to the Baresquare product. While we firmly believe that understanding anomalies extends beyond just observing a trendline on a graph, visual representation remains a crucial aspect of an advanced anomaly detection system. It aids in weaving a comprehensive narrative around data anomalies.

With this understanding, we're happy to introduce today the updated version of the time graph available on Baresquare tickets, located under the "Trend view" tab in the advanced statistics section.

This includes the following three changes:

  1. Segment display at the top of the graph:
    This feature ensures you remain focused on the precise combination of dimensions the reported anomaly pertains to.

  2. Extended presentation of the expected limits:
    In addition to the limits for the last reporting period previously shown, you can now delve deeper into the historical fluctuations of the reported KPI.

  3. Color-coded markers:
    The color on the marker corresponding to the last reporting period, which the anomaly references, allows you to instantly tell whether the reported anomaly is positive or negative.

Experience these enhancements today and share your feedback with us!

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