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How should I read the waterfall graph?
How should I read the waterfall graph?
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The waterfall graph shows the difference between the starting (baseline) revenue value and the ending (actual) revenue value during the reporting period, broken down into different stages of positive and negative values coming from each funnel step.

The contribution of each funnel step to the reported revenue difference is calculated by an algorithm that examines multiple “what-if” scenarios. For example, to calculate the incremental contribution of the “product views” funnel step, the algorithm examines a scenario that involves the actual number of product views compared to the baseline figure, and the hypothetical impact on revenue, assuming all other funnel steps remain constant.

This is an iterative process that is repeated for every funnel step, assuming the performance of other funnel steps were constant. The contribution of each funnel step appears above the bars in the chart. The first and the last bar refers to the baseline and the actual revenue, respectively.

The actual and baseline values of each funnel step, along with its contribution score are visible on hovering over the bars. This is useful for understanding the volume/value, and the respective change, of product views, cart additions, checkouts, orders, and average order value.

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