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What are the hypotheses tested?
What are the hypotheses tested?
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Whenever a revenue anomaly occurs, and after completing the Funnel Analysis, the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is triggered. This involves an AI Agent that creates a deep-dive analysis plan that contains hypotheses that need to be tested to come closer to the “why” the anomaly happened.

The hypotheses tested section presents the details of all analyses performed by the AI Agents, including the final verdict.

You can click on each hypothesis to view these details:

  • A tick mark icon () indicates that a hypothesis was retained, i.e., it has most likely contributed to the reported incident and is considered to be part of the root-cause.

  • An x icon () stands for hypotheses that were rejected.

  • The minus icon () stands for hypotheses that were not tested (e.g., due to technical reasons).

  • The skip icon () means that a hypothesis wasn't tested because it didn't apply to the specific incident (e.g. due to other hypotheses' results) and there was no need to test.

  • The question mark () refers to hypotheses with an inconclusive state. This means the AI Agent was not confident enough to either retain or reject this hypothesis.

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