How does Baresquare work?

Need some help understanding how Baresquare works behind the scenes?

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Baresquare has a three-part action system:

Action detection

A 24/7 anomaly detection algorithm tracks site or campaign performance and surfaces issues before they become problems.

Providing root cause analysis and clear to-do tickets for teams, enables them to know exactly why something happened, what needs to be fixed, and how.


Baresquare’s tickets notify team leads with clear, prioritized action items based on the business's unique needs.

Team members can then collaborate with others and share tickets to other platforms like Jira or Slack. You can also set up Zapier to integrate Baresquare with other communication platforms.

Our Integrated Knowledge Base then captures every action taken so businesses can streamline workflows and track progress.

Automation (Learning)

Based on previous actions, approvals, and automations, Baresquare’s AI learns what metrics matter most to businesses, and gets smarter over time.

The more actions a team takes, the better the predictions and recommendations our Machine Learning Agent makes.

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