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Enjoy more context in the tickets (additional metric comparisons)
Enjoy more context in the tickets (additional metric comparisons)

See how the metrics' values compare against similar reference points in the past

Updated over a week ago

Each ticket on Baresquare refers to one key metric and to a specific dimensions combination. More context has been now added to the tickets by showing additional comparisons for the key and the correlated metrics.

A ticket on Baresquare reports on a data anomaly for a given (key) metric and for a specific dimensions combination.

Adding to the comparisons versus the expected values, users can now enjoy more comparisons for both the key and the correlated metrics.

In the example below, the ticket refers to the "Sessions" metric for the "Direct" channel and "tablet" device segment falling below the expected values.

Additional information on this incident can be found in two places (check the snapshot below):

  1. Key-metric tooltip:

    Hover over the key-metric info tooltip. On top of the comparison against the expected value (-28.6% in this example), users can view four additional comparisons.

  2. Related metrics tab:

    Click on the "Related metrics" tab, which will pull up a metric ("Engagement Rate") that is correlated with the key metric, along with a user-defined related metric ("Engaged Sessions").

    Five comparisons are available for the correlated metric(s), helping users contextualize the reported finding.

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