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How is the impact metric calculated?
How is the impact metric calculated?

Prioritization of work based on a business importance index

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The impact index is a metric that weighs the importance of a ticket. Learn how this is calculated and how to use it to prioritize your actions.

Baresquare can host several tickets that require action. In addition to the textual description, the key and correlated metrics comparisons, and the time-series graph, Baresquare calculates and displays the impact metric in each ticket:

This index ranges from 0 to 100 and shows how important each ticket is; this should not be confused with priority.

The calculation logic takes two factors into account:

  • the volume index, which refers to the contribution of the ticket to the total figures of the reported metric

  • the deviation index, which refers to the distance of the actual value of the reported incident, compared to the expected one.

Tickets are already sorted by chronological order first (newest or oldest first), and then by impact.

You can use this index to prioritize your actions, starting with the tickets with higher impact first, before dealing with less important ones.

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