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Can I control the number of produced tickets?
Can I control the number of produced tickets?

Work based on the velocity of your team

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Baresquare performs a prioritization and grouping of identified anomalies. This is done to ensure a manageable workload by posting the most important ones; typically, this refers to no more than 3 tickets per metric. But you can request more or fewer as described below.

Nobody wants more emails in their inbox. But, nobody wants to miss important alerts either.

Baresquare automatically prioritizes identified anomalies and selects the most actionable ones.

This selection is based on the impact metric calculation.

By default, you should not expect more than 3 tickets per metric on each actionflow run.

If you believe that either too many alerts are being created or that your team can handle more, this is something that can be addressed.

Just raise a request and our team will take care of it ASAP:

Email our Customer Success team or send us a message via the messenger tool in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

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