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How to set up and use the "GA4 Migration Gap Hunter" app
How to set up and use the "GA4 Migration Gap Hunter" app

Spot data gaps in seconds and ensure a smooth transition to GA4

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Time is ticking! With the impending sunset of Universal Analytics (UA) on July 1, 2023 (or July 1, 2024, for Google Analytics 360), Google recommends migrating to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) as soon as possible. And with the need to configure GA4 accurately and pull year-on-year data prior to the full migration, the urgency is real. Are you ready for the migration?

Baresquare has a solution that can make the process a breeze. Introducing the "GA4 Migration Gap Hunter" (or simply "Gap Hunter")! It's a free, user-friendly tool that can ensure a seamless transition from UA to GA4 by spotting data gaps for key metrics between the two accounts running on your website(s).

To start using the "GA4 Migration Gap Hunter" app, simply visit and sign up by clicking the button located in the top right corner. Once you have created your Baresquare account, search for the "GA Migration Gap Hunter" app in the marketplace and complete the integration process.

It shouldn't take more than a minute to complete. Select the two Google Analytics accounts (UA and GA4), using the email address(es) that have access to them:

Once you've completed the configuration process, the app will run within five minutes of completing the configuration and on a daily basis thereafter, and create tickets whenever there is a significant difference recorded (i.e., over 2.5%) between the two accounts for any of the following three metrics:

  • (Page) Views

  • Users

  • Transactions

The app will also send email notification alerts. These alerts will describe the identified data gap and suggest an action to resolve the implementation issue. Additionally, if the identified gap is higher than 10%, the ticket will be switched from "informative" to "actionable" priority, helping you prioritize and address the most critical issues first!

These tickets can be assigned to other team members (after inviting users to join your Baresquare organization) and/or you can share them with your collaborators:

And remember, you can always re-configure your app settings later on. For example, you can change the recipient assignee who receives Baresquare notifications, or even replace the GA accounts you initially selected. With this flexibility, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of the "GA4 Migration Gap Hunter" app to fit your needs.

Start using the "GA4 Migration Gap Hunter" today to enjoy the benefits of Baresquare's automated monitoring for your GA implementation.

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