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The Baresquare marketplace

The Baresquare marketplace contains all self-serve apps that we have built to help you get the most out of your data.

This is accessible by opening the user-avatar menu (located in the top-right corner of the screen) and clicking on the "Apps" item. There, you can view and configure any of the available apps (note: this can be only done by Organization Admin users - learn more about user roles and permissions here).

The list of Baresquare apps is constantly evolving, as we build more solutions to streamline the data collection, analysis, and action recommendations to help in addressing the most urgent pains of people engaged in the digital analytics industry.

As such, the list below will be updated as soon as any new apps are developed and become available. In case you wish to learn more about how to manage these apps, this support article is for you.

Apps categories

There are two basic categories of apps in the Baresquare marketplace, the "free" and the "premium" ones.

The "free' category contains apps with no associated costs. Yes, this means they are free. Forever! No credit card and no strings attached. You can just select, configure, and enjoy them.

The "premium" category refers to paid apps. Still, you can enjoy a free 30-day trial! Just install them, and see what they look like. You will only pay for them after you see the value and the free-trial period is over. But no upfront payments, credit card details, or similar.

Apps overview


The free list contains the "GA4 Migration Gap Hunter", while a few more will be added there soon. This app was launched in Mar 2023 and aims to address the pain point of migrating to Google Analytics 4 from Universal Analytics (learn more here).


The premium list contains the apps that employ Baresquare's proprietary AI algorithms for automating and steering data-driven decisions. They refer to digital analytics use cases (e.g., Online Marketing, eCommerce, Data Quality) for Google Analytics (GA4 and UA) and Adobe Analytics datasets. They are scalable, 24/7 solutions that enable organizations to minimize time devoted to data collection, analysis, and visualization, and act fast on ready-to-consume findings instead.

As mentioned above, these are available on a free 30-day trial, and their pricing depends on the volume and the size of the analyzed datasets. There are different tiers (basic or business) available, tailored to your specific needs, and corresponding to different monitored KPIs and features. You can click on any of the apps to learn more about them and find the one(s) you are most interested in.


The Baresquare marketplace only contains our self-serve solutions. But Baresquare can offer more than that. Our "enterprise" collection of solutions allows you to connect Baresquare to more data sources and can work with any frequency/mix of analytics dimensions and metrics. And more intelligence features are available, such as assignment and priority rules, anomaly detection sensitivity, and organization Knowledge Base.

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