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What data does Baresquare analyze?
What data does Baresquare analyze?

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When signing up to Baresquare, and depending on the app you configured, data is collected and analyzed on an aggregate level.

For example, the "GA4 - Customer Acquisition (Business)" use case includes:

  • 4 metrics: Sessions, Engagement Rate, Revenue, and Transactions

  • 4 dimensions: Default Channel Grouping, Device Category, Source/Medium, and Landing Page.

No other data, including any PII ones, will be extracted, stored, or analyzed from any data source, while our default data retention policy is 6 months. But you can always ask for immediate data deletion once your free trial is completed and you do not wish to extend it.

When it comes to personal data concerns and your questions related to terms & conditions, please check our privacy policy and terms of service pages.

In case of any questions, feel free to talk to us!

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