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Can I define default assignee and priority based on rules?
Can I define default assignee and priority based on rules?

Build automation rules

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Rules can be applied to tickets on Baresquare to automatically define the priority or the assignee. These can be defined based on the tickets' attributes, meaning their metrics and dimension values (and their combinations).

Each ticket carries certain attributes, including the key metric, the actual and the expected values of the key metric, as well as the dimension values (e.g., "mobile" for the device dimension).

These can be used to create some automated rules, using IF, AND, OR, ELSE statements, to always assign tickets to specific users and/or change the default priority.

For example, you may want to always assign tickets related to the 'page load time' metric to the 'Platform Team' user.

Or you may want to define a critical priority for any metric when the deviation from the expected value is greater than X%. You can also combine these rules.

Let us know about your requirements and we will happily assist in documenting the rules, and pass them on to our Product Team for immediate implementation.

Email our Customer Success team or send us a message via the Help tool in the bottom-right corner of the screen:

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