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How does correlated metrics visualization work?
How does correlated metrics visualization work?

Learn more about the correlated metrics visualization feature

Updated over a week ago

This feature aims to enhance the readability and context provision of produced tickets by adding a visual representation of the correlated metrics to them.

Currently, it is available for the following data sources and metrics:

  • GA3 ("Entrances" and "Bounce rate")

  • GA4 ("Sessions" and "Engagement rate")

  • Adobe Analytics ("Entries" and "Bounce rate")

The graph always shows the values of the two metrics, plus the "Bounces" metrics for GA3 and Adobe Analytics, and "Engaged sessions" for GA4, for the previous two days.

When the feature is enabled, it can be found in the "Related metrics" tab in the advanced statistics section below the ticket's description. By hovering over the chart, users can see the specific values of each metric:

Contact us if you would like to learn more and/or discuss the option of enabling this feature in your account!

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