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When do users receive notifications?
When do users receive notifications?

Understand who and when gets notified

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Staying informed about actions performed on Baresquare is key. Users receive notifications automatically, based on their permissions and previous interactions with tickets. They are also able to manage their notifications.

There are four groups of actions that result in users receiving an email notification:

  1. Comments: when users add a comment on a ticket, users who had previously interacted with it will receive an email notification. By "previously interacted" users, we refer to the ticket's creator, assigner, assignee, previous commenter, and resolver.

  2. Incident Activity: when users perform any other action (apart from adding a comment), other users will receive an instant email notification. This could regard assigning an open ticket or resolving an assigned ticket. In both cases, this type of activity will result in the assignee receiving a notification.

  3. Mentions: when users mention another user using the "@" method (learn more),

    the latter receives a notification.

  4. Knowledge Activity: users can be added to specific 'Knowledge' sections by organization admins. Whenever an action is recorded in these sections, such as the creation of a new note or the uploading of a new file, added users receive a notification.

Important notes:

  • Users are not notified about their own actions.

    Example: user A assigns a ticket to user A; no notification is sent.

  • There is a hierarchy of actions to avoid spamming.

    Example: user A has commented on a ticket. Another user then assigns the same ticket to user A.

    User A will only receive the assignment notification, but not the notification about a comment on the ticket they had previously interacted with.

  • The default notification scheme occurs in real-time. However, this is configurable.

    Users can change their notification preferences (real-time, daily, weekly, never) per each notification type.

    Click here to learn more about managing your email notification preferences.

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