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How to share a ticket to Slack
How to share a ticket to Slack

Learn more about the 'Share to Slack' feature

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Enhanced collaboration enables faster resolution! The Baresquare platform gives you several options to share a specific ticket with your team.

You can learn how to share a ticket to Slack by following the steps below:

1. Head to the "Ticket header menu" located at the top of your ticket screen on the right, and click on the 'Share' icon:

2. Select the “Share to Slack” option:

3: Click on the “Connect with Slack” button to proceed:

4: A new window pops up prompting the following actions:

  1. Select the Slack workspace that you want to use. The available channels to choose from in the following steps depend on this selection

  2. Read and grant the permissions required by the Baresquare App

Click “Allow” and Yay! You’re connected! Select “Return to Baresquare” and you are ready to share the tickets you want.

Note: This step is only required the first time you use this feature. Once the connection with the Slack Workspace selected is established, this becomes the default for all future interactions with this feature. All tickets will be shared to this Workspace.

5: Select the Slack channel you want to share the ticket to and click on “Share to Slack”:

That's it! Your team members will see the following message in the Slack channel you used:

Team members with access to your account on the Baresquare platform are able to click on the "View incident' option and be transferred to the actual ticket.

Please note that this feature is different compared to the Slack integration option via Zapier (read more here), which automatically forwards all new tickets produced for an account to Slack, when enabled.

Contact us if you would like to learn more and/or discuss the option of enabling this feature in your account!

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