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How to share a specific ticket with your team
How to share a specific ticket with your team

Collaborate efficiently with your colleagues

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This is how to share specific tickets with your team on a series of integrated platforms or via an email link. Sharing a ticket from the platform is speedy and efficient. You can instantly assign tickets to team members, including all necessary details and history, collaborate with multiple team members, track progress, and see quick overviews on the platform.

Collaboration often occurs on other platforms too. That’s why we can integrate with Jira, Slack, and any other collaboration platform you choose, located under the share icon.

Clicking on any one of them will transfer all the details and all the discussion either to a Slack channel, open a ticket on Jira, and so on.

You can also perform a screengrab when you want to put an item in a presentation; Baresquare supports unlimited users.

You can involve as many internal or external collaborators as you need.

  1. Head to the "Ticket header menu" located at the top of your "Ticket screen" on the right and click on the "Share" icon:

  2. Choose to "Capture" the ticket, "Share to" Slack, Jira, Email, or copy the ticket link.
    You can then share the specific ticket with individual team members regardless of whether they hold a Baresquare user account:

    Note: Only team members with a user account may access sensitive ticket information, reducing the risk of sharing confidential details.

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