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How to change the priority of a ticket
How to change the priority of a ticket

Learn what the priority of a ticket is and how to define/change it

Updated over a week ago

Using the "Priority" drop-down menu option to assign priorities to tickets enables team members to sort tickets by urgency and solve critical issues first.

Head to the "Ticket header menu" located at the top of your "Ticket screen" on the right.

There you will find a series of collaboration tools that enable you to interact with your team.

Click on "Priority" to drop down the menu.

You can then choose from 5 default priorities; we can add more, but we recommend starting with these 5.

  1. "Urgent" means "red alert: stop what you are doing and focus on this”.

  2. "Actionable" means "we have to solve this".

  3. "Informative" marks the incident as an FYI; it’s nice to know but no action is needed.

  4. "Mute" is your way of saying that "I don’t want to see items like these".
    This category helps Baresquare learn what’s important to your team as a future reference.

  5. "Undefined" is the default priority, and also your “undo” button.

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