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Perform a bulk ticket resolution
Perform a bulk ticket resolution

Improve your efficienty when resolving tickets by working in batches

Updated over a week ago

Feb, 2021

Users can resolve tickets and, optionally, add a resolution comment for future reference. This action can also be performed for a group of tickets instead of resolving them one at a time.

All users are able to resolve (close) a ticket, which can become part of the institutional knowledge of the system.

Resolved tickets and resolution comments can be used for future reference to solve similar issues faster and with greater efficiency.

A new feature allows for performing the resolution action in bulk, meaning for a selected group of tickets.

Head to the "Ticket feed" in the left-hand corner, click on the "Bulk resolve" option under the three-dot menu, select the desired tickets, and click on "Resolve".

A confirmation pop-up window will appear, also enabling users to optionally add a "Resolution comment" in the selected tickets (and, optionally, mark them as "resolved and not an incident"):

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