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How to use Baresquare's API
How to use Baresquare's API
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This article describes how you can create a token and use Baresquare's API to interact with your account.

Imagine being able to synch all the incidents detected by Baresquare with your dataset or automating Baresquare's capabilities for your account using source code.

You can now do this securely using the provided API endpoints. API access is available to all clients.

A few of the actions supported by the API are the following:

  • Get incidents and their details

  • Create a new incident

  • List flows, labels, and pipelines

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Generate a token in Baresquare.

    Click on your user avatar in the top-right corner and head to "My Profile > 'Integrations".

    Click "Generate token" and store it somewhere safe.

  2. Consult the API technical documentation

    The API is documented using the OpenAPI Specification (OAS v3.0.0) standard. You can find the documentation by selecting the ]link highlighted below from the "Integrations" tab in step #1:

  3. Use the generated token to interact with your Baresquare account programmatically

    Reach out to us in case of issues. Our engineering team is available for technical support

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